If you are serious about your new project, then you should be considering covering all international options in terms of your domain name. You may be starting off in the UK, but if things go well, it is very easy in the modern online well to have a service or range of goods that appeals to people of all countries.

So grab the .uk domain, grab the .com and .co, but also grab the .de and .in -a few pounds now could save plenty of headaches in the future.

It makes sense too to grab the same ‘name’ with different extensions, but just be careful. Google Translate will help to an extent but if you are creating a brand the same name is probably better than a translation. However, if you are not an expert in the languages of the other nations you could be heading down a slippery slope.

For example your very English name could sound great to most of the world but in specific countries it could offer a completely different suggestion as to what your company is about. The easiest way to show this is by people’s names. There are planty of Dave’s Cabs, John the Plumber type company names, but they wouldn’t necessarily cross the channel very well.

For example ‘Adam’ could be your name and you may fancy selling PC parts, so AdamPC might be attractive as a name. Not so attractive in Arabic countries however, where Adam means skin!

Alan another great English name, but Alan Funeral services would not be the best choice in Indonesia where alan is used to refer to a comedian. Equally Susan may not be ideal in your global domination as the word means cemetery in Thai.

OK, those examples may sound a bit far-fetched, but that’s partly the idea, to make you remember and make it stick in your mind. Names are what brands are built upon, and just as the Plop chocolate bar from Scandinavia has never caught on in the UK, so your choice of name for your company, brand and domain may not have the global appeal you first thought.

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