Those lads and lasses at Google labs are a clever bunch and they’ve recently rolled-out a couple of new useful tools to make web surfing more enjoyable and seamless.

Here’s what the Google Systems Blog recently revealed. First up Google Dictionary has been added to the Search tool.

Although sadly not for all. Google are testing the tool on an ad-hoc basis with the dictionary available on the side bar as a search option. The idea is to allow users to find definitions of words without using “define” within their search, with the results returned coming direct from the Google Dictionary, with other web definitions also available.

Secondly, Google has integrated its reading level tool. It’s been around for a while under the advanced options but is now coming to a side-bar near you. If English is not your strong point then this could be what you are after with a little indicator as to how hard the article will be to read based on standard tests.

What do you think of Google’s latest tinkerings?

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