You know how sometimes you get an invite to a party where the person extends the invite you and a guest by using the “+1″ suffix? Well Google has brought the concept to the web so that if you find a decent site when searching its database you can recommend it to others using the new +1 button.

That +1 is the latest move by Google to keep step with the social sharing world after their recent integration of what you share via Twitter, Flickr, et al within Google search results. The official Google Blog announced the arrival of the +1 function to be rolled out on first. For those who can’t wait to see it they have also released an experimental search site so you can see exactly how it works. In practice it is being aligned with the Facebook ‘like’ function. Again like the social sharing integration for your +1s to show up you need to have a Google profile and upgrade it to include enhanced profiles.

It looks like this is a good attempt by Google to grab hold of the social searching reins before they run away from them to other providers, but its certainly nothing ground-breaking and from our own quick poll in the office it seems the use of Google profiles is fairly limited so we will wait and see how successful the +1 may become.

Have you used the +1 function? What did you think?



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