You may have already seen, but Facebook has introduced a new Page Insights dashboard.

Great, there’s more information and more knowledge to utilise…but we only just got used to using the old one! For now Facebook is running the old insights (you will have to opt int to use the new version) but the company has already begun notifying page administrators that the old insights tool will be phased out on December 15. No more data collection from then, with the archives completely disappearing on February 15 2012.

That doesn’t leave long to learn the new one, which offers insights into Facebook’s latest metric “talking about this” and reach instead of impressions. Yet, this time around Facebook have been pro-active in helping those looking to maximise their metrics understanding.

Facebook has created an online tutorial about the new page insights over at  The Learn Page Insights site. Here a  series of videos hosted by Facebook Product Marketing Manager Fidji Simo, guides you through the new dashboard step-by-step, so you can get up and running quickly and making the most of the new tools. It is well worth checking out.

How are you getting on with the new insights?

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