Do you know how much traffic Twitter is bringing to your site? Wouldn’t you like to get in-depth information on how your content is being shared across Twitter?

With Twitter’s new Web Analytics tool you can measure the amount of traffic that Twitter is sending to your site and see exactly which type of content your followers enjoy more. This is actually a useful tool to measure the effectiveness of not only your Twitter campaigns, but your overall activity on this social network. It is not available for all Twitter accounts but comes as part of the Twitter for Business package, with analytics provided for both promoted (paid for) activity and free activity.

The Twitter Web Analytics tool is powered by BackType, a social analytics company acquired by Twitter a few months ago, so it was only normal that it would be put to good use. Fortunately. the tool, currently in beta, is free to use and every site owner with a Twitter account will get the chance to test it out in a few weeks.

What does Twitter’s Analytics tool bring to the table?

According to their official blog entry there are three main benefits of using this tool. Once you use Twitter’s Web Analytics tool you should get a better understanding of:

How much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network

You will see in detail how much of your site content is being shared across Twitter. You will get more insights on the number of tweets and those of click-throughs to your site. Unlike Google Analytics, which most of us are using to get some of this information, with Twitter’s Analytics tool you can also see the path that the user took to get to your site. You’ll get to see how and who is sharing your content across Twitter.

The amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site

This is the kind of information you can currently find using Google Analytics, but it was only normal to have access to it using this tool.

How effective your Tweet Button integration is

This is also something you can currently do with several website plug-ins but it would be interesting to see how much in-depth information will Twitter’s Analytics tool be showing us.

Why you need Twitter Web Analytics

Well, that’s obvious – we’re all using Twitter but we still know little about how effective our marketing efforts are. This is a tool that can help all marketers determine what they’re doing right, what type of strategies generate results and which ones need to be improved.


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