Our new range of cloud servers are big on performance using dedicated hardware resources that mean powering your small business or businesses has never been easier or more assured. Cloud performance means your server needs are better matched to demand so that you can concentrate on running your business instead of feeling you have to run your website.

With 123-reg cloud servers too the range of business supporting activities you can use that hosting for expands with a whole new range of interesting possibilities.

1 Run an Email Server

You may have already taken the step to run branded email for your company but taking full charge of your email is the next step for a growing business. You can host an email server on your Cloud Server and manage emails, operating complete control on how the are received, sent and distributed to your employees. You can manage email account storage space and how large emails can be sent and be on top of all your email traffic.

2 Run a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network or VPN lets you operate your business securely wherever you are. A VPN creates a secure connection over a public network (ie the Internet) and tunnels all your traffic through the connection. Imagine having a massive lead an stretching that from your office to wherever you are working. A VPN does that without the need for a lengthy cable. Why would you want a VPN? Well firstly it means that even if you are working at the other end of the country (or even in another country) you can access securely the resources you have stored on your network. So be it email or files you can always stay in touch.

3 Power a gaming community

Our 123-reg Cloud servers are perfect if you plan to host latency-critical web applications like game servers. Designed and built to meet power demands and surges your game community can perform even under the toughest strain.

4 Deploy e-commerce

If you have big plans from a small base, cloud servers are the ideal choice. Online shops have fluctuating demands on resources that need to be met whenever demand is there. That is where the combination of power and flexibility via cloud servers comes into its own maintaining the resources so that images in your online catalogue render and load for every visitor.

5 Operate Groupware

Collaborative software is essential to almost every modern business and the virtualisation base of cloud servers make a perfect match for their demand. With 123-reg Cloud Servers you can install your own operating system and fully administer your applications while basing them all in the cloud for connection and use wherever you are and whatever the demand.

6 Host multiple websites

If you are a serial entrepreneur then this should be music to your ears. Not simply websites, but host working businesses. With the 123-reg Cloud servers you can host multiple websites with high user volumes all on a single server. With a 100 Mbps internet connection you can be re-assured your website is there for your customers.

That’s just six but there are thousands of possibilities within each of those. If you want power, flexibility and affordability 123-reg Cloud Servers offer the perfect solution.

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