When building a site, people focus mainly on choosing a catchy domain name and on designing a nice look for it. Deciding what type of hosting a site needs seems to be less important, although it should be a priority.

Most people, when choosing a hosting plan, go with either shared or dedicated hosting. However, there is also a cheap alternative– and this is VPS hosting or Virtual Private Servers hosting. VPS hosting offers similar benefits to those of a dedicated server, but unlike it, it’s a cheaper solution to host multiple sites on a server. On top of that, it’s more flexible and secure.

Thinking of switching to VPS hosting? Here are 6 reasons to help you decide:

1. It’s scalable, handling heavy traffic easier than shared hosting

Although VPS share the resources on a server, each Virtual Private Server is private and independent from one another. It’s scalable which means that if your site receives a lot of visitors (more than usual) between 5PM-7PM for instance, the VPS frees up resources so your site performs as smoothly as possible, with no downtime.

2. It’s flexible, allowing your site to grow

VPS hosting is perfect for those sites that are constantly growing. That’s because, unlike shared or dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is more flexible. You are not forced to share server resources with other site owners, making these resources easier to access and manage.

3. Ideal for e-commerce sites

Virtual private servers are the perfect hosting solution for e-commerce sites because no matter how much they grow, the server will accommodate to the change. For shopping sites, VPS hosting means more space and resources that are easier to access.

4. It’s more budget friendly than dedicated or shared hosting

VPS hosting is a cheaper alternative to dedicated or shared hosting, however each VPS owners has its own private space and resources. It’s like having your own servers, minus the extra costs. So, if you’re on a budget, hosting your site on a VPS is the way to go.

5. Full control over your VPS

This is one of the strong points of a Virtual Private Server. Unlike shared hosting, where you can’t access a lot of features, with VPS hosting you can easily modify your VPS specs or install new software via the control panel, whenever you need to.



6. One of the most secure hosting platforms

VPS hosting is one of the most secure hosting platforms currently available on the web, considering each user’s files and installed software is private and secure, preventing hacker attacks.

All things considered, VPS is the perfect hosting solution if you want to save money yet still allow your visitors to enjoy the benefits of a fast-loading site. So why not start now with our new VPS hosting solution from 123-reg? It starts at £9.99 a month but you can choose to configure your VPS freely to fit your needs.

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