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With setting up a blog via 123-apps so easy nowadays we thought this article we found on the Guardian website this week may offer some inspiration.

It appears that cookery and food publishers are turning to food bloggers and making them the next wave of published cooks. It makes sense too. Via a blog you can show your ability to write, your ability to structure and order your thoughts and ideas. A regularly updated blog also shows that you are committed to what you do and capable of focusing on the task in hand. Consider your blog as a kind of continuous job interview.

And the world of food is not the only sector pulling on the blogging community.  Singer songwriter Lotte Mullan is set to launch her first album later this month after years of online promotion and blogging in the hunt for a recording contract. She has that now, as well as the possibility of  a large bonus for the film rights to her life, all based on what one screen-writer read on Lotte’s blog.

While writing your own blog is not a certainty to fame, it is a challenge and skill that can pay dividends in the future, whatever line of work you want to head into. So whether it is a personal thoughts blog or one promoting your business creating a structured approach and regular routine, your blog may be your springboard to future success.

Do you blog? What topics? Do you have a routine?

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  • Matt Sharp

    Well , if you ask , I do blog about thing I do everyday and I also blog subjects that bring visitors and traffic to my website . I would suggest everyone to create his own blog , even if they use it more like an online jurnal just for themselves . It may help …

    June 12, 2011 at 4:05 am