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We’ve discussed the possibility of Facebook becoming the hub for ecommerce in the future and now one leading blogger is experimenting with Facebook as the home for his blog.

Paul Bradshaw is a reader in online journalism at Birmingham City University, and a Visiting Professor at City University’s School of Journalism in London and is using Facebook’s underused notes tool as a platform for his journalism-related blogs.

After attending a recent social media summit at the BBC, Bradshaw decided to explore why professional writers don’t use Facebook more often.

Speaking to journalism website Hold the Front Page he said:
“My aim is to be more professional than Twitter but less personal than a Facebook profile. The posts are too long for Twitter and too short for a blog post.”

The experiment has been running since 3rd June under the title “Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism Blog on FB for 1 month” and Bradshaw reports traffic being higher than his previous stand-alone blog – although the novelty factor could be distorting this. If it continues to prove popular Bradshaw has pledged to continue the experiment which he initially set at one month. That could prove interesting as Bradshaw revealed on the blog one interesting finding already from his experiment. “you can get a custom URL after 30 likes – and you can’t edit your page name after 100 likes, so I’m now stuck with “for 1 month” forever :)”

It’s an interesting project that we will be following and if you want to have a bit more of an insight into how it works and what Bradshaw aims to get out of it, this interview on the Facebook and Journalists group on Facebook is well worth a read.

Have you tried blogging via Facebook?

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