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The 13th July may not be a date of note yet in your calendar, but if you run a business it may just be a day you should have ringed. That’s the date when Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to the much awaited latest HRH. Of course less than 5% of babies are ever born on their due date, so it could actually be any day now that Kate and Will’s are celebrating their bundle of joy, but whenever it arrives they won’t be the only ones with beaming smiles.

Estimates suggest the Royal Baby will boost the British economy this summer by £240 million with Prince William and his wife leading something of a revival in Royalist support. Thousands of businesses are looking to cash in on the potential heir to the throne’s arrival and the general feelgood factor it creates too. That includes the Royal family themselves. Already the Royal Collection Trust – profits from which go towards the upkeep of the royal palaces – have a baby sleepsuit and child’s bearskin hat in the style of a guardsman’s outfit, and physical shops on the Duchy of Cornwall estate are rumoured to be stocking up on royal baby related gifts as Prince Charles gears up to be a grandad.

The interest has been building for nearly nine months. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they were expecting a baby the hashtag #royalbaby instantly became a record-breaker becoming the most re-tweeted hashtag in Twitter history and the quickest trending at more than 1,000 tweets per second.

The arrival of the new potential heir to the throne will no doubt have a massive effect on the year’s top ten names for children – a perennial favourite for journalists writing copy for the New Year period and already many parody accounts have been set-up on Twitter to piggyback the excitement behind the pending birth. So it is no surprise then that the domain name world is also heating up, with “royal”, “prince” / “princess” and “Windsor” (the surname of the newborn) likely to be leading the way as soon as the formal name announcement has been made. Already quite a few speculative .com and names have been registered including first names with historic royal grounding such as Victoria and Albert. Who is to say the young couple won’t choose something off the wall or non-traditional, and what chances that the choice happens to be one of the recent gTLDs? That really would be a coup for the domain name world.

Second guessing the name could have you scratching your head for ages but get it right and not only could you grab a bargain that could bring in lots of web traffic, it may also be an asset you could sell at a later date.

Beyond domain speculation, consider how your business may cash in on the bumper baby business too. Are there special offer tie-ins you could offer customers to celebrate the news? Make sure you are prepared to make the most of any feelgood factor so you can share the smiles of the new parents this summer.



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