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A successful online shop: Making money

By Tim Fuell - August 31, 2014

Online shopping is extremely popular and only becoming more so. Yet customers react particularly sensitively on their way to the checkout if their preferred payment method is not available so when building...

More e-commerce success: You the expert

By Tim Fuell - August 29, 2014

As an online seller, you probably know your way around your products very well. Take advantage of this and present yourself as an expert to your customers. Many customers have only a vague...

Selecting the right delivery methods

By Tim Fuell - August 29, 2014

Your online shop software enables you to offer your customers a very wide range of delivery methods. But how do you make the right selection? And what else should you think about...

Product photos: Avoiding common mistakes

By Tim Fuell - August 29, 2014

Do you photograph products yourself? A fair bit of work, but well worth the effort. Get the most out of it with professional images. Here are a few tips. 1. Be inspired It always...

The perfect product page

By Tim Fuell - August 29, 2014

To buy or not to buy? This will be the question most asked by your potential customers when they see your online shop’s product pages. So how can you best convert them...

Higher sales with professional shop design

By Tim Fuell - July 17, 2014

The visual appearance of your eShop has a fundamental role to play in terms of your success. We’ll let you into a few secrets of shop design…. Place important elements in a prominent...