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Are you ready for Generation XYZ?

By Thomas Costello - January 24, 2014

This year is set to be one of the most exciting in the history of the internet. 2014 will mark the beginning of a new era with the expansion of new generic Top Level Domains (new gTLD’s). The internet will see 1,400 new domains launch over the next two years and we will be profiling some of these to help you understand how these changes may affect you and your business.

As the UK’s market leader in domains, we want to give you as much information about specific new domain launches as they come to market. For that reason, we sat down with Daniel Negari, the CEO of the highly-anticipated new .xyz domain extension, to give you an insight into what the domain will stand for, when and why it is launching and highlight its appeal for both individuals and small businesses.

Q: There has been a lot of noise surrounding .xyz over the past few months and the question on everybody’s lips at the moment is what is .xyz and what does it mean?

‘We are an experienced start-up company that is dedicated to long term success of our new domain extensions .xyz and .College. When ICANN first launched the new gTLD programme, we created a list of 1,000 potential domain extensions and .xyz was number one on our list. We believe that .xyz is instinctive, natural and is suitable for every website, everywhere.

‘Looking specifically at .xyz, this will launch in March 2014. Our goal is to create an extension that will offer businesses and individuals a flexible way to connect with everyone around the world who wants to share their passions, knowledge and ideas. Dot xyz is the driving force behind the global community that we call Generation XYZ – embracing diversity and innovation on the internet.’

Q: Who are your target market and who do you think should be looking to purchase the domain?

‘We will launch .xyz as a flexible and memorable domain name which will be affordable enough to serve any purpose. What we offer is a web address for both individuals and businesses that is creative, short, and bold whilst still maintaining a global reach.’

Q: What do you expect the appeal of .xyz to be to small businesses?

‘Those businesses that register .xyz will have a global platform in which to conduct business and spread their message across the globe. By combining this with a business like 123-reg’s website building and hosting services, business owners anywhere will be able to easily connect with their customers and Generation XYZ.’

Q: What will make .xyz different?

‘It is important to us that we stay true to our start-up identity. We are not a big corporation running hundreds of new domain extensions – rather a start-up, dedicated to bringing choice, accessibility and innovation to the internet. We stand out because we are the first domain extension to ever launch with the intention of being for every website, everywhere.’

Over the coming months there will continue to be an enormous amount of buzz about Generation XYZ. To learn more about .xyz head over to http://xyz.com/ or follow @xyz on Twitter.

We are committed to providing our customers with as much information about new domain launches. To find out more about .xyz and how to pre-register for it and hundreds of other great new gTLD’s, simply visit the .xyz domain page.