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New gTLDs

The new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are coming soon, but what does that mean to you?

Well if you have a restaurant, or perhaps are a wannabe rock star, or a keen golfer… in fact whatever you do and you are looking for a new web address, there’s a whole raft of options just around the corner. There’s a domain with your name on it and the internet is about to get a lot more cosmopolitan in terms of domain names.

.web, .eco, .hotel, .one, .site, .sport, .VIP, .bank, .design, .sex, .eblog,.bike, .berlin, .london, .nyc, .quebec,  .med, .gay, .car, .phone, .free, .music, .food, .golf, .ninja –  just some of the new generic top level domains that will soon be available.

Over 1500 new gTLDs will hit the market with the opening tranche of these expected in the first part of 2014. Whatever your business or hobby, the ideal domain could be arriving very soon, making the scramble for the best .com and something of the past. Watch our funky video to see what the excitement is all about.


Even if you have a domain name already, having a new gTLD that says something directly about your business, immediately has impact with a new audience of potential customers and there could be future SEO benefits too. Designed to be more descriptive and relevant to the sites and businesses they relate to, the new gTLDs will add choice, and a little bit more fun to choosing your domain names in future. Take a look at our new page explaining the options and register your interest now with us at

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