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New domain extensions that could set you apart from your online rivals

By Will Stevens - February 10, 2015

Internet users are keen to embrace new domain extensions as soon as they hit the market. In fact, when faced with a choice of visiting a site using a “traditional” domain extension (such as .com) or a new extension (such as .secure) nearly 50% of people picked a new extension. (Source: The Domain Name Association.) The research also found this was particularly true when the new extension added “context and meaning” to a website name.

.London is one of the many new extensions that have been launched

.London is one of the many new extensions that have been launched

With hundreds of new extensions set to be released in the coming months and years, there’s a real opportunity for new and existing online businesses to set themselves apart from the competition by embracing the internet naming revolution.

However, the sheer volume of new extensions hitting the market means finding the right one for you can be confusing. To make things easier for you, here are some of the most exciting forthcoming domains broken down by category.

Location based

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this – if you want your company to be associated with a certain location, opt for one of these domain extensions. They’re a great way to highlight your local credentials.

  • .London (Available now)
  • .Scot (Available now)
  • .Wales (Available for pre-order)
  • .Cymru (Available for pre-order)
  • .Global (Available now)
Scotland now has a domain extension all of its own. Credit

Scotland now has a domain extension all of its own. Credit

Tech based

If you’re launching a tech start up, the new domain extensions offer a range of options worth exploring. Whether you’re building a fully-fledged web presence, or a microsite to let people find about you and what you do one of these extension should provide a solution.

  • .Cloud (Coming soon)
  • .Download (Coming soon)
  • .Mobile (Coming soon)
  • .Tech (Coming soon)
  • .Site (Coming soon)
  • .Web (Coming soon)
  • .App (Coming soon)
  • .io


If selling is your thing, then one of these extensions is bound to fit the bill. There are extensions that will suit both online shops and physical retailers looking to build a web presence.

  • .Buy (Coming soon)
  • .Promo (Coming soon)
  • .Sale (Coming soon)
  • .Shop (Coming soon)
  • .Cafe (Coming soon)
  • .Food (Coming soon)
  • .Eat (Coming soon)
Get noticed by more people with a .cafe. Source

Get noticed by more people with a .cafe. Source


Many of the new extensions will focus on specific sectors. This provides existing businesses with an excellent chance to rebrand their site in a way that will help potential customers be sure they’re going to get what they’re looking for. For businesses new to the online space, these domains may well become the first choice extensions for the sector in question.

  • .Architect (Coming soon)
  • .Broker (Coming soon)
  • .Coach (11/3/15)
  • .Dealer (Coming soon)
  • .Legal (11/3/15)
  • .Flowers (07/06/15)
  • .Delivery (Available now)


Many companies and bloggers make a significant profit through creating sites or networks that provide people with the information they need. For those already running such a site, or planning to launch one, these new extensions should fit the bill.

  • .How (Coming soon)
  • .FYI (Coming soon)
  • .New (Coming soon)
  • .Now (Coming soon)
  • .Money (Coming soon)
  • .Work (Coming soon)

Next steps

If one of the domain extensions that’s already available, or is available to pre-order, is right for you, you can buy the name you’re after here. If the extension that you’re interested isn’t yet available, you can still search for and register a domain name here. That way, you’ll be alerted when the extension is available to pre-order. Tip: Type both the name and extension you’re interested in eg: 123-reg.london.