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Start-up domain offers start-up solution

By Tim Fuell - November 11, 2014

startuptoolsStill in the hunt for that killer .com address? Frustrated by the lack of availability in traditional domain extensions? One of the biggest benefits of the new wave of gTLDs is the opportunity offered to the growing number of start-up companies. Branding is ever important in the modern world, so securing a memorable and catchy domain name is a vital consideration for any fledgling business.

One of the other benefits of a new gTLD is it shows you are ‘down with the kids’ or at least in touch with the potential of online. In terms of choosing a domain in the modern social media driven world, shorter is better too. Every character in your domain name is likely to eat into your social media sharing character allowance and with Twitter still at 140 characters, every one counts.

XYZ logo purple.XYZ is perhaps the perfect domain for any wannabe entrepreneur and start-up. Start-ups usually succeed by plugging the gaps the current status quo, don’t yet address. Usually, these are the ‘icing on the cake’ moments. The completion points – the xyz of the alphabet. Without which the alphabet doesn’t make complete sense. .XYZ domain names are generic in nature but hold the connotation of completing the package and making sense of the online world.

As a new generic top level domain, the .XYZ is a great option for start-up projects with many exciting name combinations available. That gives you more chance to be creative with your naming choices too. .XYZ also has the connotation of a being a destination domain. Can you build that into your business branding? Could .XYZ hold the key to your successful future?

Even if your project is just at the idea stage, .XYZ domain names are priced to enable speculative investments affordable for all. Building a brand is all about building engagement with your potential audience and if that is fellow start-ups, what better domain to choose than a start-up domain?