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Nominet has launched its first edition of The Domain Business, an industry report from the .uk registry on the exciting state of the domain name industry – and there are some interesting statistics.

Did you know?

  • .uk is the second largest ccTLD (9.7 million domain names)
  • Nearly 1 in 4 of .uk business websites are e-commerce enabled
  • 43% of .uk domains in use are for business websites 
  • 5% of those .uk websites are just a single page

The uptake of .uk domains continues to rise (growing at over 8% per annum) as does the global domain name population (now at 218 million). Despite the uk economy suffering crisis the .uk economy seems to be competing very well, emphasising the role online business will play in helping the economy improve and stablise.

As well as more pie-charts, bar and line graphs than we’ve since we were at school, the statistics are backed up by some incisive comments from those inside Nominet and experts in the domain name field.

If you are thinking of riding on a domain trend, or simply interested in the quirks of what seems to work best in terms of domain names, The Domain Business is well worth a read.

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