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.uk –the new home for small businesses

By Thomas Costello - July 15, 2014

British web and mobile application development company App Haus focuses its efforts on developing mobile applications for all major devices and platforms. The business aims to make mobile technologies accessible to everybody; bringing ideas and concepts to life for small and large businesses.


It is vital for the business that they have a domain that serves it’s ever growing customer base. Previously using the .co.uk, James Stanley, founder of App Haus, moved to the shorter more memorable .uk domain on the day of launch.

123-reg sat down with James to learn how the business will use its new domain extension and to give tips for other businesses looking to switch.

The importance of .uk

‘We love the fact that the .uk domain name presents an opportunity to make our domain names even shorter, more memorable and ‘to the point.’ More and more people are browsing on a growing number of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets mobile and games consoles and any opportunity to make our domain name easier to type on potentially difficult keyboards, is very welcome.

‘Much like the ‘@’ is to Twitter usernames, we see ‘.uk’ becoming the same for websites with an audience in the United Kingdom.’

The .uk market

‘As the UK is our primary market, giving potential customers an indication of where we are geographically is actually very important for us. It is difficult to imagine a domain name that is more perfectly suited than apphaus.uk’

On trend

‘A number of our clients are tech sophisticated and to them the .uk and other new domain extensions are seen as on trend and this is a very valuable impression for us to be able to give. We are seen as being on the cutting edge of web technology web trends and by having a new, shorter domain name gives us added credibility within our market.

‘We need to be responsive to trends in online usage. Having a domain name that is even a few characters shorter is beneficial, especially with small smartphone on-screen keys, and in our opinion it’s more visually appealing too.’

Advice for small businesses

‘We will certainly be keeping hold of our .co.uk domain name for the foreseeable future as we still believe that people would expect to find us at apphaus.co.uk. We will continue to monitor which domains drive the most traffic for us, and believe that apphaus.uk will become our primary domain.

‘There is definitely room for our .uk and .co.uk to live side by side – it’s easy to set up and the low cost of these domain names make it a win-win scenario.’


‘As a brand owner protecting our name and image is also high on the agenda. It’s important for us to register domains that people expect to find us at, as this also prevents anybody else from registering the domain and hosting a website that could cause confusion for our potential customers.’

Trusted Partner

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The web and mobile development brand comprises, in equal parts, mobile application development and web development.  To see how App Haus can get to the heart of your needs, visit www.apphaus.uk