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Princess-Rainbow.comAs names go, we’re sure you’d agree that is a pretty unusual one. We’ve never met anyone named after a domain name before.

So when we read about a Manchester woman who’d changed her name from Claire Forshaw to by deed poll, we decided to investigate further.

The full story was in the Independent last week, but we managed to track down herself to ask a few questions.

Q: What made you decide to change your name to
A: I actually didn’t think about it that much – I’d had a few drinks and it came up in conversation that it only cost around £10 to change your name. So I thought it would be funny to do it. The Princess-Rainbow bit was suggested by my boyfriend Robert Morris – we liked it so that’s what I changed it to.

Q:Have you always wanted to change your name to a web domain?
A: Yes – I’d mentioned in the past that if I ever changed my name it would have to have .com at the end, mainly for comedy value. Plus no-one I know has a web domain as a name.

Q: Seriously, is this a publicity stunt?
A: No. After I’d changed my name a friend said I should check and see if the domain name was free. It was, so my boyfriend bought it for me. Me and my friend then decided we should build a website.

Q: What plans do you have for the website at
A: My friend Rebecca Morris and I are going sell our art work on there as we are both artists in our spare time.

Q: Why did you choose instead of something simpler, like
A: Well if I was going to change my name I wouldn’t want to change it and still be called Claire Forshaw! Princess-Rainbow is a much prettier name.

Q:  Are you insisting that your boyfriend and mates use your new name?
A: My boyfriend now calls me Princess. My mates call me Princess-Rainbow most of the time but they do forget sometimes – and Claire is quicker and easier to say.

Q: What do your friends and family think about the name change?
A: My mates love it – they just think I’m slightly crazy! On the other hand, my mother thinks I’m completely stupid. My boss is refusing to call me Princess-Rainbow, although it does have to go down on any paperwork I do or sign.

Q: Have you had any trouble getting the name on official documents?
A: No – the bank was really easy. They just laughed at the situation! But Facebook won’t let me change it. They said I’m not allowed to use a fake name or impersonate someone. I did try and explain but they were having none of it.

Q: Have you had any strange reactions when meeting new people?
A: No, not really. People just think it’s all a joke and don’t believe me.

Q: Finally, would you recommend changing your name?
A: Yeah, why not? It’s only a name, plus it’s been fun ever since doing interviews. I’ve even been asked to go on air on Virgin Radio in Canada. If you are going to change your name, change it to something fun. Life is too serious as it is!

So there you go. The first person in the world to change their name to a domain name – and you heard from them here first. Now it’s over to you.

What do you think of’s name change? Just a bit of fun, or completely crazy? Would you ever do it? Leave a comment and let us know.

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