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[INFOGRAPHIC] .uk is a proud arrival to the domains market

By Tim Fuell - June 10, 2014

.uk joins the UK domain family officially today. Lining up alongside .co.uk the number one domain for British business, .org.uk the non-commercial domain for causes and raising support and .me.uk the personal domain for those building a unique online presence is .uk the shortest member new to the UK domain market offering new opportunities for all from these shores.

Here’s how it fits into the UK domain space:

dotuk infographic

As we reported earlier this year, a .uk could help UK based companies in the social media arena. Three less characters than the former domain of choice .co.uk and .uk domain is not only easier to remember , type and write down but also easier to include in a limited character post that needs a URL.

Perhaps highlighting that social media strength, is the fact that one of the first to switch to a .uk domain is comedian, technology enthusiast and social media guru Stephen Fry.

The arrival of .uk makes an announcement to the world of the UK’s status in the online arena. The global strength of UK branding has consistently been amongst the highest across country specific domains, but now with a more forceful, shorter domain, it says more about UK efficiency and reaction to the online marketplace. .uk is more than just another domain and promises to create new opportunities and even greater kudos for UK based individuals and businesses.

Grab your .uk domain today.