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We’ve blogged before about why blogging works for your business but here’s six reasons why blogging is also good for you personally as a business person.

1. It encourages good time management

A daily blog, even a weekly blog needs a degree of commitment and focus that too often our modern working lives lack. A blog may be a reflection of an event you’ve encountered or an emotion you’ve felt but what you write and publish will always be a result of your thoughts and that means stepping out of the daily grind, which in turn will freshen up your brain.

2. It gives you a reason to research

Remember the days when you weren’t chasing your tail? One of the greatest assets the Internet offers is the quantity of information and ease of access to it. However, we often barely have time to get through our emails in a day let alone ‘surf’ for research purposes. Checking facts or finding inspiration for a blog post gives you a genuine reason to take time to ‘surf’ and you will be amazed at what you will learn.

3. It helps you stay in touch with the real world

Long hours and sleepless nights can often mean work life overtakes personal life in a big blur. If you find yourself getting home and either going straight to bed or booting up the laptop again a blog may help you re-connect with the real world again. The research you do is likely to keep you more in touch with the news and trends than you think. Plus feedback to your blog is normally a good indicator of the public mood surrounding the topic you have written about.

4. It develops your communication skills

In the age of 140 characters or less and quick email exchanges communication has changed. A blog gives you a chance to really get your teeth into writing with a bit more length. Not tomes though, blogs need to be succinct so the art of self-editing is one well practised by bloggers. Blogging can also help develop presentation skills, coaching and provide inspiration to your readers without you realising Writing a blog, being able to just assemble your thoughts, whether you get feedback or not can also do wonders for your confidence.

5. It encourages you to find your expert field

You probably know a lot about many things, but blogging can help you find a focus on what your true specialist subject is. If you show you know what you are blogging about, others will quickly pick up on this and follow your words of advice.

6. Because you can

Blogging has never been easier. With 123-apps you can self-host a blog using proven software like WordPress. That in turn can be accessed, written and managed via your PC, tablet or smartphone. There’s an app for that and, as this blogger currently is, you can even update your blog from a crowded commuter train and relieve some of the stress caused by ‘signalling problems’.

Blogging really is the answer to self-development in the modern age. You are in control but if you get into it you will probably find yourself driven to blog more and more, learning, developing and improving yourself every post.

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2 Responses

  • Dave McHugh

    All of these benefits are personal benefits to you as the blogger. I would be really interested to read your six benefits in terms of the company’s bottom line.

    November 1, 2011 at 9:09 am
    • Tim

      Thanks Dave. We’ve got a a similar sort of article in the pipeline but will look to adjust it to take in mind your comments.

      November 1, 2011 at 9:17 am