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Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’

If you use Google AdWords to drive visitors to your website, you might already be aware of an exciting new feature they released last week. Google are calling it ‘Sitelinks’, and it allows you to add lots more links onto your AdWords creative

What does it look like?

This is what an original version of a 123-reg AdWords creative looked like:


And with ‘Sitelinks’ enabled, this is what you get:


As you can see, on the original creative the only place that users can click is the headline. With ‘Sitelinks’ enabled, users can also click on the blue links along the bottom of the creative.

The headline links to the homepage. These ‘Sitelinks’ take users directly to the most relevant page on our website.

Why have Google done that?

A shortcoming of normal AdWords creative is that the person setting up the advert has to make an educated guess about the best page on their website to send visitors to.

That’s quite easy if the user is searching for a specific product. For example, if someone was looking for ‘men’s puma trainers’ then it would make sense to link the creative to the webpage where you actually sold ‘men’s puma trainers’.

In some cases however, it’s not always clear what the best page should be.

Let’s consider people who are searching using the term ‘123-reg’. We sell quite a few different products: Domain Names; Web Hosting; Email; SSL Certificates; Ecommerce packages, to name a few. Whilst all these products are related, someone who is looking for a domain name is clearly going to want to see different information to someone who is looking for an SSL certificate.

By adding ‘Sitelinks’ into our adverts we can let users choose the page that best suits them.

It’s the Google way

Google say that what they’re trying to do is create a better experience for the user. They’re giving the user the choice of where to go on a website. This is a typical piece of Google thinking. They let often let users decide what’s best for them, rather than trying to 2nd guess their intentions.

Why this is good for your AdWords Campaign

Users will appreciate it
If you make it easy for users to navigate directly to the correct page on your website, those people are going to be more likely to buy from you. As any usability expert will tell you, positive user experience is about minimising the length of time it takes users to find the information they’re looking for. And positive user experiences will result in happy customers, and more sales on your bottom line.

You can take up more of the Search Engine Results Page
Do you have a problem with other adverts appearing when people search for your website? If you enable Sitelinks, your advert becomes twice as big – and uses up twice as much space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This means that your advert will dominate the eye-line of the user, and are far more likely to be clicked on. More traffic for you. Less for your competitors.

You can showcase more products

Adding Sitelinks let you show users that you sell lots of different products, before they’ve even arrived on your website. It’s possible that a user is searching for you because they want to buy some new socks. When they see a Sitelink to ‘tights’ or even ‘sandals’ they might take the opportunity to check out the other stuff you sell.

They sound awesome! How do I get going?

You can add Sitelinks from the Settings page of your Adwords Campaign, under ‘Ad extensions’.

Whether or not you’ve tried Sitelinks, let us know what you think about this development.

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Author: Nick Leech of Euston Digital

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