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Mark Reid is the founder and CEO of Renderyard, he’s also quite clearly a very big film fan. People often say that part of the winning formula for an entrepreneur is to follow your passion and for Mark that’s proven very true. Six years in the making, the site is thriving and building a strong reputation in the very competitive short film industry.

With over 1200 films now available on the platform across a wide range of genres and including many award winning shorts, Mark is rightly proud of the success of his brainchild that has attracted small investment so far – mainly from friends of family – but with a strong reputation within the industry is now working hard to secure the next level of investment to take the project even further forward.

Supporting filmmakers

Renderyard is essentially a film network for filmmakers. The site allows members (and non-members) to watch new short films online, including those entered in the sites very on an online film festival for independent shorts and documentaries around the world. Filmmakers can upload to screen their work but they can also promote and sell it too.

Member users also have the opportunity to create a profile and showcase their short films online in HD and SD quality as well as joining in the discussions among the members community which includes short movie fans, directors, producers, crew and specialists like animators and graphic effects masters.

Promoting and syndicating

With his own working knowledge of the small film sector, Mark appreciates that too often great films go unnoticed either because filmmakers don’t make the greatest marketers or they simply don’t have the resources to push the film in all the right places. As part of the Renderyard membership, films are promoted and syndicated across a number of platforms, giving filmmakers the benefit of what is effectively group buying power, to push their content to the front pages of various video search engines and video promotion platforms they would otherwise struggle to get. As well as eyeballs watching their content, filmmakers also get the benefit of a revenue split with Renderyard

For film fans too

We so often read about the way people watch their entertainment changing and with the rise in popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video it is clear that online video viewing is common place for many and Renderyard aim to help fulfil that need too. Unlike its larger, more commercial rivals, Renderyard is able to cater to more bespoke tastes and cover genres, much loved but often neglected by other online video providers.

A decade of 123-reg support

With the domain name having been registered with 123-reg just over¬†10 years ago, Mark credits 123-reg for playing a hand in the Renderyard success saying “we’re very happy with the performance”. ¬†That’s great for a company run actually from the La Rioja region of Spain but serving customers across the globe – one of the benefits of running an online business. Is it time for you to follow in Mark’s footsteps?

We caught up with Mark at WebSummit in November 2o14. You can find out more about Renderyard in the video below. If you’d like to be featured in one of our customer showcase spots this year get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or email.

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