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Swift 6: Six common email marketing mistakes

By Nick Leech - August 8, 2017

Stop. Before you hit send on that latest batch of marketing emails, have you considered that you could be getting things wrong? Email marketing is really easy to do, and that means it’s really easy to get wrong. In this latest Swift 6, I’ll be taking you through six of the most common email marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them. Even if you think your email marketing is already effective, this video could help you take things to the next level.

As always, if you’d rather read my script is below the video.

Oh, and here’s that Google Analytics setup guide I mention.

Hello and welcome to another 123 Reg Swift 6. This week we’ll be looking at common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.1 – Not getting permission

If you’re simply adding everyone who does business with you to your email list regardless of whether they actually want to hear from you, your messages are likely to be viewed as spam. To make things worse, you could even be breaking the law.

Make sure everyone who signs up to your email list actively opts in. If you limit your emails to people who actually want to hear from you, you’re far more likely to make sales from it. On top of that, you won’t have any legal issues to worry about.

2 – Outdated design

60% of the emails you send will be opened on a mobile device. That means if your emails aren’t designed to be read on mobile screens, you’ll end up missing out on clicks and sales.

Top of the range email marketing tools, such as the one offered by 123 Reg, will let you send mobile-friendly emails with ease.

3 – No personalisation

If you’re calling everyone on your email list “Dear valued customer” then they’re not really going to feel valued.

Personalisation is a must – according to Experian personalised emails can boost email marketing revenue by up to 500%.

You don’t have to spend hours writing each individual email. Just make sure you use an email marketing tool that allows you to address customers by their name when you get in touch.

4 – An irregular schedule

People who have signed up to your email marketing list should know when they’ll be hearing from you.

If you send a weekly newsletter, tell them that’s what they’ll be getting when they sign up. After that, you need to stick to your schedule.

Customer who sign up for a weekly email then don’t hear from you for two months are going to forget about you. And if that happens, don’t expect them to open your email.

5 – Bland and repetitive offers

If you’re email people every week with a special offer, then they’ll quickly conclude that the offer isn’t special at all and your emails aren’t worth paying attention to.

Be sparing with these kinds of message and don’t email unless you’re going to offer a deal that’s 20% or more off your prices, or offering 20% more value

6 – Not measuring ROI

Of course, your email tool should give you detailed reporting about the number of successful sends, bounces, unsubscribes, opens and click through rate.

But you really want to know what people do after they arrive on your site. You want to know if they signed up, asked for more info, or purchased.

If you’re not measuring the return on investment of your email marketing, then you can’t be sure whether your campaigns are working or not.

Set up Google Analytics to track conversions and then tag the links in your emails. That way, you’ll be able to track the revenue generated by each email you send.

Now, if you haven’t got Google Analytics set up, this might sound a bit intimidating. But I’ll include a link to an article that will guide you through the process below.

So that was “6 common email mistakes”. I’ll See you next time.