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Want a great site? Look no further than WordPress

By Tim Fuell - November 25, 2013

Want a professional looking website that is easy to update, looks fresh and funky and can be developed simply over time? That’s exactly why WordPress is the backbone of the majority of websites on the world wide web.

As they say themselves “WordPress is designed to get you up and running and fully functional in no longer than five minutes.” It really is that simple to use. If you can search on the internet you should be able to use WordPress to build and update a great website. Standard functionality of WordPress is easy to grasp and the advanced stuff is not too difficult either thanks to a whole host of plug-ins, themes and help across the internet.

Simple it may be but that doesn’t make it any less respected or less capable. When big global names such as the New York Times Corporate site  and Harvard Business Review build their websites using it you know it must be good. In the UK too it is now powering more and more top websites like Metro Newspaper, Marks & Spencer for Businesss Site and just to prove the functionality can be fun and entertaining too; The Million Pound Drop Live.

WordPress Hosting

So what about you? Well, with 123-reg WordPress hosting we’ve made a simple set-up even simpler,s o you can concentrate on making your website unique to you which is another great asset of WordPress. With a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and instant set-up (with back-up and restore functions) you can build your WordPress site for less than £5 per month.

So why WordPress?

Apart from the functionality it is well proven having started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing. yes, it was started as a blogging tool, but as you’ve seen above, with the help of the design community it is far beyond just a way of putting words online. It is now used on millions of sites and the framework is seen by tens of millions of people every day – many not knowing that the website they are viewing is all built on WordPress – so there is certainly no  snobbery against its use.

What’s potential even better is that the code itself, is created by and for the community who uses it. It is an Open Source project, with hundreds of people across the globe working to improve it, sharing ideas and developing the functionality. It is certainly here to stay and growing day by day.

So why not try WordPress out now. A new project? A web re-design? A micro-site for a new product? Getting to learn WordPress is quick, simple and rewarding. If you want to create a website that many others can update easily, or want to keep content dynamic and updated regularly there really is no better option and it can all be done on a low budget too. Try it now.