How do I change my WordPress website’s theme settings?

This article will show you how to customise the theme settings of your website, such as layout, logo, colours and more.

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Start by accessing your Managed WordPress dashboard. For details on how to do this, please read our Support article: How do I access my Managed WordPress dashboard?

From there, select Plugins from the left-hand menu, followed by Customise.

Customise appearance


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From here, simply select the option you wish to update. For example, if you wish to update your site’s colour scheme or background colour, select Site Design.

Change colour scheme

Similarly, if you wish to update your site’s logo, select Site Identity.

Update site logo


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If you want to update any other aspect of your site, such as your header, footer and menus, simply select the relevant option within the left-hand menu.

Select relevant option


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To see how your site appears across different devices, select the relevant icon from the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Select device icon