The events of unrest, rioting and looting across major cities in the UK have had plenty of media coverage both home and abroad. In an interesting role-swap, some of the most insightful commentary has come not from the UK online community but those in the Arab world, who just a few months themselves were leading and propounding the uprising in their own nations.

Yet, while revolutionary in their own homes, the majority of bloggers, tweeters and social commentators online in the Arab world appear to condemn the tactics and motives of those involved in the disturbances in the UK this week.

One of those Cairo-based blogger, Mosa’ab Elshamy whose Flickr images informed the world of uprising in Egypt less than six months ago. He tweeted this week:”Egyptians and Tunisians took revenge for Khaled Said and Bouazizi by peacefully toppling their murdering regimes, not stealing DVD players.”

Most of those who choose to blog, do so because they want their opinions to be heard. Via a blog you can suddenly have your own media empire at your fingertips. None are more vocal than the cyber-mummy community, the mummy bloggers, who make up once of the fastest-rising sectors of the blogging world. The Uk is no exception and the UK, blogging parents have also been quick to get their opinions out.

Me, The Man & The Baby was bunged up and bothered¬† by what she saw even from the comfort of her own home far from the troubles. “I knew my son was safe and the only noises we heard were owls. Elsewhere mothers close to the events caused by yobs and rebels were holding their children in fear, trying to explain to them why they could smell smoke or hear sirens.”

So while, many are blaming technology for escalating the troubles, many more are using technology and social media in particular to offer their opnions on it. Not everybody will always agree with what is written but as these bloggers are showing it is just as easy to be productive and add to the debate via a blog as it is to be destructive and join in the troubles.

What’s more. You are likely to get more attention, and publicity of the right sort via your own blog.

If you’ve not thought about a blog before, now may be the perfect time to get your thoughts in the global domain. Our Linux starter package comes with a free installation of WordPress, the leading blogging program and all for less than ¬£1 per week.

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