Admit it, your email inbox is cluttered with folders, messages and half-finished tasks. As much as email has made our life easier and more efficient – imagine standing over the fax machine every time you wanted to send a quick message between offices – the volume of email we now all deal with on a daily basis and the time pressures of modern life means it can be hard to get on top of it.

One internet group have even taken it upon themselves to ensure that those emails that are sent are not too long and trest them more like SMS text messages for brief, specific questions and answers.

Yet, if you believe some media outlets, email is a dying trend – but then they’ve been saying that for years!

A ComScore report earlier this year also suggested that email usage was plummeting. Yet our daily experiences suggest differently and a close look at the ComScore report explains why. The report correctly reported that the usage of web-based email plummeted across the board last year  – nearly 60% in the 12 to 17 year old age range – but so it should. Web-based email is now often a secondary method of picking up email on the move, many now download direct to their smartphone where email is still very strong and getting stronger.

The reality is email has so much more functionality that the social media networks many suggest are replacing it. It has the immediacy, the functionality and the privacy that people want when swapping business or private personal information. Email enables a permanent record in a place you control – rather than on a public network. Email is definitely here to stay, but how we use it, how it works and interacts probably will change, in many ways, it needs to or it will lose its efficiency benefits.

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