A new report last week from Buddy Media suggests when you post on Facebook can have as much if not more bearing on how your customers engage with you as what you post.

The key being that Facebook is a 24-hour community and that many of those you may seek to attract aren’t actually going to be able or willing to check their account during normal office hours. In fact, brands that posted outside of business hours had 20% higher engagement rates.

The survey based on a 200 of Buddy Media’s own clients, suggested three peaks in Facebook engagement. The first being early morning (eg 7am), the second being immediately after work (eg 5pm) and the final late at night (eg 11pm) and by not posting updates at these key times, brands are missing out on maxmium customer engagement.

Thursdays and Fridays are also the biggest days of the week for engagement. Of course there are brand and sector differences but broadly speaking the majority of businesses conform to these times.

The survey also suggests language is key too. Keeping it simple by using phrases such as “Like us if…” is language Facebook users understand and will react better to.

Have you noticed that the time you post might influence engagement from customers?

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