Remember, Remember it’s the 5th of November, so that means fireworks!

After being invented by the Ancient Chinese as a way of scaring off evil spirits during important events and festivities us Brits adopted them as a way of celebrating the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot many year later. Now it seems fireworks are almost a regular addition to any event or gathering, but this weekend is likely to be the biggest of the year in terms of bangers, roman candles and firecrackers. UK laws are even relaxed a little. Fireworks cannot usually be let off between 11pm and 7am but Bonfire Night (today 5th November) is one exception with an extra hour of fireworks – up until midnight allowed.

So what about the web’s contribution to fireworks? there are a few sites out there, mainly advertisements for the various firework manufacturers or sellers but we picked these out for notable mention:

The Fireworks Museum
Event posters, advertising banners and photographs of fireworks themselves from across the years. This is basically online hub of links to fireworks related history and use. There are also plenty of images on the site itself. It won’t win any awards for design and layout but if you like your rockets and your catherine wheels it could be an interesting read.

Battle Fireworks, East Sussex
Probably the UK’s most famous annual firework event. The first gunpowder mill in was built inĀ  Battle in 1676 when John Hammond was granted permission to build a mill on land owned by the Abbey. In 1722 writer Daniel Defoe also described the town as being “remarkable for little now, but for making the finest gun-powder, and the best perhaps in Europe”. The Battle bonfire celebration has been going on for over 400 years and involves processions, competitions and lots of community involvement. Due to the organisation required it is being held on 6 November this year – although Health & Safety precautions have kicked in this year banning ordinary members of the public from joining in the procession.

Phantom Fireworks Interactive Fireworks games
Fancy seeing what fireworks would look like in other cities of the world? This US based firework seller lets you do just that using some virtual fireworks shows using Flash technology. Twizzlers over Times Square or pops over the Pyramids of Egypt. It actually makes standing out in a cold, wet, UK garden rather unappealing when you can see this.

FINALE Fireworks
Fancy doing it for real next year yourself? These guys offer Firework choreography software (at a price – although there is a free simulation). It will help you design your very own big bang display syncronised to music. Drag and drop from a range of effects, change the angles, timings and positions and you can get the perfect look before investing in your real fireworks.

Can you recommend any other firework fun sites?

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