Well The Apprentice has already set the Twittersphere alight, with the contestants seemingly chosen for their ‘character’ rather than their business credibility. With that comes the questions over the sanity of those who apply and take part. Yet, if a quirky state of mind is a requirement for selection on The BBC’s biggest reality show, what depths will be revealed by the newest reality show to hit Channel 5?

Yes, Channel 5 is set to become reality heaven for several weeks later this year for those so inclined. It will play host to the big brother of all reality contestant shows. In fact it will play host to Big Brother itself. Yes, the show that ended a run of ten years on Channel Four is to come back to our screens one down the channel list, with production giants Endemol still at the helm.

With a new show, comes new contestants and a new application procedure and this week saw the launch of a new site: bigbrotherauditions.com. Those up for the challenge (ridicule?) can apply to be on the show directly via the site or download and print forms to send later.

The bizarre thing is, that with the rise of social media even since the last series of Big Brother, those ‘characters’ likely to be ideal for the show are also likely to be heavily into social media with large Facebook and Twitter followings. So 1) will it still be possible for the producers to keep the identity of the contestants secret before they are officially announced and 2) will those selected be able to cope with the cold turkey of going without social media while they are inside the Big Brother house? 3) Will the evil Big Brother create a false online universe within the house, that mimics internet access under certain dictatorial regimes in far flung corners of the world?

We will have to wait and see, but certainly expect to see plenty of media bumph surrounding reality shows again this year and without a big sporting event this summer expect also reality related hastags to dominate the Twitter debates.

Have you ever applied to be on a reality show? We’d like to hear your experiences.


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