We’d like to take the praise for predicting earlier this week that online TV was soon to come to these shores most likely in the form of classic repeats, but really it wasn’t a prediction of epic proportions, just progress.

So we weren’t really surprised to find that BBC Worldwide is to start renting out classic TV episodes via the Tardis that is Facebook from today.  Perhaps playing it safe they are launching with everyone’s favourite time-traveller: Dr Who. Classic episodes available for Facebook’s own currency Facebook cover nine stories, each containing several episodes. Once rented the episodes will be available to stream online for 48 hours.

Content available includes digitally remastered versions of classic Doctor episodes like “Tomb of the Cybermen”plus a Facebook exclusive. 1988’s “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” isn’t available on DVD but will be available over the new Facebook system to viewers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the BBC look to keep interest in the Doctor Who brand up inbetween new series.

Have you tried subscribing? Will you try in the future?

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