The latest Juniper Research report suggests the world of Apps is set to snowball in the next five years. The report findings estimate that the annual number of consumer-oriented handset downloads is expected to rise from less than 2.6 billion in 2009 to more than 25 billion in 2015.

According to the mobile app stores report, an increasing number of companies are seeking to emulate Appleā€™s success with the App Store by launching own-brand storefronts, whilst more established mobile content download sites have also seen an increase in business.

However, the report warns that new players will need to demonstrate sufficient scale to be able to induce developers to provide unique content with the non iPhone apps a wide and currently fractured market across a variety of operating systems and handsets.

The report also notes that “freemium” is becoming the business model of choice, with publishers increasingly offering applications free at point of sale and subsequently monetising them via in-app billing of subscription-based services, upgrades to premium content or micropayments for virtual items.

Following up the report findings, a white paper exploring the challenges of an apps, A World of Apps is available to download from Juniper Research.

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