If you have a few minutes to fill this morning, Akamai has released the first in a series of regular reports titled The State of the Internet.

The company – which operates a global platform of servers – has used its network to collect data about internet traffic and broadband penetration. The report contains some interesting information about these items, as well as summarising the major network events that happened in the first quarter of 2008 (like the accidental cutting of an undersea cable).

You can grab a copy of the 20-page report from Akamai’s website (free registration required). But here are a few relevant points:

  • The UK measures up well in terms of broadband adoption – we’re rated 10th overall. Interestingly, all 9 spots above us are filled by European countries, with Norway top of the list.
  • However, we’re not doing so well when you look at the speed of those broadband connections. We don’t rank inside the top 10 countries when you rank them by the percentage of broadband connections which run at over 2mbps.
  • Attack traffic (malicious internet traffic) originated in 125 different countries. China was the largest source of attack traffic, accounting for 16.77 per cent of the total. The US was second with 14.33 per cent.

Take a look at the report for yourself, and leave a comment if you spot anything interesting.

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