Just in case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is on the way. Yes, really. There’s lots of cool and crazy stuff out there in our streets and shops. And the internet hasn’t missed out either.

Here’s our top six Christmas websites. Not all of them are well-designed. Not many of them are useful. But most of them are a bit bonkers – and should at least put a smile on your face at this festive time of year.

  1. Alek’s controllable Christmas lights
    This site’s worth visiting for the unbelievable design alone. Get over the shock and you’ll see you can actually control Alek’s Christmas lights on the internet – and watch on the webcams. Or can you? Back in 2004, this site was exposed as a hoax, but the guy behind it now claims it’s for real. Whatever, we think being able to control 20,000 lights online is a great idea, so we’re going to assume this is legitimate.
    Go and control Alek’s lights >
  2. Track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve
    The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) obviously don’t have enough to keep them occupied (guarding US airspace must leave them with plenty of free time), because every Christmas they set up a website that lets you track Santa’s progress on his journey round the world. This year they’re even planning to take some snaps of his sleigh en-route, so you can finally prove his existence.
    Track Santa online >
  3. Ugly Christmas lights
    This website is devoted to a phenomenon that seems to have spread massively in recent years: slapping loads of Christmas lights all over your house. There are photos going all the way back to 2002, so you can see how decorations have evolved since then. We’ll try to resist making any comment about the look of the site itself, but it’s a good source of inspiration if you’re about to wire your house up.
    Go see some ugly Christmas lights >
  4. Tree decorating 101
    If you’re a cat lover in search of the perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree, this site should be right up your street. The rest of us will just visit, then spend a few minutes wondering what on earth the whole point of this utterly bemusing website is. Seriously, if you figure it out, can you take a moment to let us know by leaving a comment here?
    It’s Christmassy, and it involves cats >
  5. Send your list of presents to Santa
    So much for writing a letter and sending it up the chimney. Father Christmas has embraced the digital age (he’s probably even on Twitter by now) and that means you can fire an email off to him with your requests and get a fairly instant response. While you’re there, it’s worth checking out this insightful webcam of famous reindeer Rudolph too. Good, eh?
    Email Santa now >
  6. The best Christmas jumpers around
    Ever wondered where to pick up a really authentic Christmas sweater? You know the kind: bright, knitted, big, fairly furry and with a big picture of a reindeer or snowman on. This Welsh company has a great range. There’s just one problem. They’re so popular, they seem to have sold out already. Still, it’s worth visiting just to see the designs. Perhaps next year?
    See some great Christmas jumpers >

So that’s our pick of top Christmas websites. Any you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment to let us know.

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