You might have seen that we’re running a great deal on hosting for students. You can get our Plus hosting package, a .info domain name and free access to lots of industry-standard Microsoft software for just £1 a month. There’s more information here.

If you know a great deal when you see one but don’t know quite what to do with your student hosting package, here are six ideas:

  • Learn about web design and development.
    If you don’t know your HTML from your HTTP, but would like to learn how to create your own websites, why not pick up a For Dummies guide or try some of the tutorials at W3Schools in your spare time. Our student hosting package includes everything you need to put what you learn into practice.
  • Build a website for a club or society.
    University clubs and societies thrive on the enthusiasm of the people involved in them. If you’re part of one, could it benefit from a new website? If so, there’s the ideal chance to brush up your design skills and do some good. You might even be able to claim back the cost of the web hosting.
  • Get the software you need on the computer you own.
    Some IT-related courses require you to work with specific technologies. If your degree involves using Microsoft tools, you’re in luck: with Microsoft DreamSpark you can get full access to Microsoft developer software, so you can use it on your own PC instead of fighting for time in uni labs.
  • Find a way to make money online.
    Perhaps you’ll build a successful website then use advertising to generate income. Or you could build an online shop and sell stuff to people around the world. There are heaps of ways to make money from a website – just have a look at our money making advice, then get started with your student hosting.
  • Start a blog.
    Ok, so if a blog really is created every second, it’s hard to believe there are many people who don’t yet have one. But if you fall into that category, maybe you’d like to give it a go. To keep it interesting, you could build a team of authors and compete with the official student paper. Just an idea.
  • Build the website that you’re annoyed doesn’t exist yet.
    It doesn’t have to be a money making machine or the next Facebook (though it might be nice if it was). But most of us have a good idea for a website at one time or another – we just never go about putting it into action. For an investment of £12 and a bit of time, you can make your idea a reality.

(Want to know more about our great student hosting offer? Read about it here on our blog, or jump straight to the main page on our website.)

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