Virtual fitting rooms are nothing new, neither are online stores embedded into Facebook but the fact that a brand like Tesco has launched the same may suggest many more are set to swiftly follow.

The new Facebook page that Tesco offer is an attempt to make their online clothing store more personal and appealing to would-be customers.  As well as seeing how items from the Tesco clothing range look on the on-screen model, potential customers can upload an image of themselves and see if the style and colour really would suit them.

There are 50 outfits available for 50 virtual trying on, but given the cost to develop the system you can expect more to follow if initial feedback is good. Of course Facebook is all about engagement and increasing reach and shares so there is a facility for you to upload an image of you wearing the outfits and get the Facebook community to vote on the best look.

The Facebook portal design is something that seems to be attracting more and more brands but doesn’t look like ever taking over from the need of having a real full-blown website, more as an additional revenue producer.

Designers: Have you had more enquiries from clients wanting specific in-Facebook micro-sites?

Consumers: Would you be more likely to buy if you can virtually try?

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