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Email is one of the main reasons people use the internet. Statistics suggest that over 180 billion emails are sent every day.

Sending emails globally is still on the rise

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Ok, so lots of them are spam, but even when you take them out of the equation, you’re still left with 40+ billion legitimate messages. That’s a lot of email.

With so many people sending emails, there’s often a perception that the good addresses are gone. And if you look at any of the major web-based email providers, it can be hard to bag an address which relates to your name in any way.

More often than not, you’ll also end up with one that’s really hard to remember.

In fact, Yahoo commissioned a survey recently which found that 70 percent of adults who use the internet would choose an email address that includes all or part of their names.

To be honest, I’m surprised the figure isn’t higher – maybe it’s because I’m of an age where doesn’t really seem like an appropriate address any more.

Personalise your email

Here at 123-reg, one of the major things we see people using their domain names for is email. If you want a personal email address that really reflects your identity, you can’t do more than have your own domain name.

Get a 123-reg email mailbox

It’s the only way you can really personalise the bit after the ‘@’ sign, as well as the bit before it. Plus, of course, because you own the domain itself, you can put whatever you want at the start of the address. Typical combinations we see our customers using are:

  • (this way, if you register one domain, you can give each family member their own address)
  • (great if you run your own business, or are thinking of setting one up)
  • (you can set up several addresses, and use them for different things – emails to different people, filling in forms online, etc)
  • (for the creative types – just use a domain name which means something to you, or that will make the recipients of your emails smile)

Snapping up a mailbox or two with your domain is a great way to add personality to your communications. You can set yourself apart from the crowds of people using the main web-based services – or just make yourself look ultra-professional when emailing clients or applying for jobs.

Email services from 123-reg

If you’ve bought one of our web hosting packages, you get a minimum of 100 mailboxes included. So setting up email addresses on your domain is easy and won’t cost you a penny more.

If you don’t need web hosting, you can buy mailboxes from us individually. They cost as little as 99p a month – get full details here.

If you’re looking to buy a domain name and mailboxes at the same time, start by finding your domain with our domain name search. You can add as many mailboxes as you want during the order process.

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