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A new American report suggests that the way the internet is used is changing as different age groups find new avenues to make the most of being online.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project Generations 2010 report out yesterday shows US teenagers abandoning blogs and their grand-parents flooding to Facebook, as internet usage across the Atlantic continues to boom.

Even compared to last year’s report the balance of who is using the internet for what has dramatically changed, as the silver-surfer generation begin to dominate in certain sectors.

The findings suggest that those dubbed the “millennials,” or “Generation Y” – those aged 18-33 – are most likely to use wireless internet, laptop, social networking sites or participate in virtual worlds. However for things like online banking and accessing government website data it is the older people who lead the way.

Multi-media really has taken a grip of lives in the US. Of the adults surveyed the numbers watching video online leapt from 52% back in 2008 to 66% in the 2010 report. Music online is also much more popular with 51% of adults listening online compared to just 34%  back in June 2004.

Yet, with the increased popularity of Facebook, etc the writing may literally be on the wall for the future of online journalism. One of the only activities showing a decrease in popularity over previous reports was blogging. Only half as many of the teenage respondents now write their own blog now when compared to the figures from 2006.

And what of that rise in Facebookers? Amazingly the biggest rise in numbers has come from those aged 74 and older. Since 2008 that sector have quadrupled their Facebook usage.

Do you think this American survey is also reflective of modern UK internet usage?

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