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After months of anticipation, last night we finally played Rackspace at 5 a side football in the first ‘Web Hosting Challenge Cup’ aka the W.H.C Cup (I just made that name up).

The day did not start well with our new football kit delivered to our old Nottingham office’s address, with no hope of getting it down to London in time for the game. Although we had plenty of volunteers to take the day off to drive up and down the M1, a decision was made to leave it.

With both teams having just finished first (Rackspace) and second (us) in their respective leagues (us in the Monday league and Rackspace in the Tuesday league), the quality of football was only ever going to be of the highest standard.

Buoyed by the largest crowd we had seen at one of our games, with upwards of 7 supporters cheering us on, our spirits were high. The game started as it was destined to go on, with a foul, some bad language and some back chat. Both teams had patches of dominating possession, although Rackspace’s higher fitness levels helped them to maintain their passing and moving for greater lengths of time. Some excellent defending and a couple of dubious refereeing decisions in our favour kept us with in touching distance, until Rackspace snatched victory with a late goal, making it 6-5.

So its congratulations to Rackspace for a game well played, and we are looking forward to the Spring for a re-match!!

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