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If your business has a presence on Facebook, take note. Facebook has recently rolled out an embedded posts functionality that enables you to embed Facebook status updates, pictures or videos to your site and blog posts. While this is a new feature on Facebook, it’s nothing new in social media as Twitter and Vine have had it since 2010.

To use the new functionality, you simply need to grab a snippet of code from a public post (from the drop-down status update) and paste it into the code of your site or blog post.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Keep in mind that only public posts can be embedded. At this time, only a couple of publications – CNN, PEOPLE, Mashable, Huffington Post and Bleacher Report – can embed public Facebook posts but it should soon be available to everyone.

This could be a boon for businesses too as it’s a good opportunity to show off what people are saying about them. Businesses can embed positive testimonials and feedback from customers on their site, in their online sales or in their marketing materials. The embedded post will show everything, including pictures, videos, hashtags, the number of likes, shares and comments as they appear on Facebook’s platform plus the buttons, Like and Follow.

Think about it. Say you’re in a business where there’s a lot of competition and one of the things that can help you is your customers’ love for your products, services or customer support. If a user raves about your business, then just grab the post and put it on your site for everyone to see. The fact that it uses Facebook’s formatting shows it is genuine and coming from the businesses’ actual customers, which is a great thing.

To me, this is an elegant way to dress up your content as you shout out to your Facebook fans.

Do you think users and businesses will use Facebook’s new embedded posts feature? Will you?

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