How do I change fonts in WordPress?

This article will show you how to use custom fonts in WordPress.

When you choose a theme for your site, you’ll be set a standard font for all your text. However, you may want to use a different size, style or type of font for one or more of your pages, especially if you want to highlight an important piece of information.

Simply choose one of the following methods to see exactly how you can change your theme font:

Without plugin

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Start by accessing your WordPress dashboard.


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From there, hover your cursor over Appearance in the left-hand menu and then click Theme file editor from the provided options.

Select Theme File Editor


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On the next page, select style.css within the Theme Files section.

Click Style


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You will now be shown a long list of code. From here, you can change the font of your entire site by adding the following line of code to this page:

Please note: be sure to change FONT NAME to your desired font type.

* {font-family:”FONT NAME”}


With a plugin

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Start by installing and activating the plugin WP Google Fonts.


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From there, select Google Fonts within the left-hand menu.

Select Google Fonts


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On the next page, you can choose which WordPress fonts you want to use from the provided menu.

Choose font


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You can even set which elements of your site your font should be assigned to, along with which style and character set you want to use (if your font allows it).

Once you’re happy, click Save All Fonts to confirm your changes.

Save Font