How do I install a theme in WordPress?

This article will show you how to install a dynamic WordPress theme to your site.

With more than 50 dynamic themes for you to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to set up your website’s design.

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Start by accessing your Managed WordPress dashboard. For details on how to do this, please read our Support article: How do I access my Managed WordPress dashboard?

From there, select Appearance from the left-hand menu, followed by Themes.

Select Themes


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On the next page, select Add New.

Select Add New


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Choose from the list of themes below or enter a specific name into the provided search field.

Browse themes


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Once you’ve found a suitable theme, you can preview how it appears by hovering your cursor over it and selecting Details & Preview.

Preview Theme


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Once you’re happy with it, simply select Install.

Install Theme


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Once done, return to the Themes page through the Appearance menu again. From there, find the theme you wish to use, hover your cursor over it and select Activate.

Activate installed Theme