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Why your business needs a new gTLD

By Thomas Costello - April 8, 2014

For any small business, one of the most critical decisions is choosing a domain name. For too long, there were only a handful of Top-Level Domains like .com, .org, .net and .biz on offer for a small business, making this important decision even more stressful.

As the internet has grown and more businesses and individuals have moved online, the need for greater choice and distinction in the market was needed. So in early 2014, ICANN, the International Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (the global body that governs the internet) began the largest shake-up in domain names ever – the launch of new gTLDs.

You can learn more about the new gTLDs in this video.

Though it is still very early days for new gTLDs and there is a vast amount of domains still to be launched, take up of these new domains, especially .guru, has been very promising.

We sat down with two business owners that have taken the plunge and have adopted the .guru domain name. The first is boutique retailer, oHo. Kate Dain, owner of the small UK based business, which sells specialist ecology products via an online shop, explains how her new domain will benefit her business.

Why did you purchase a new gTLD?

‘I have only recently started the business and most of the ‘usual’ dot names were taken. I listened to my inner voice that was counselling me to not rush in, and wait a bit. Suddenly I get an email from 123-reg profiling the new gTLD’s. Since my business has a strong esoteric (new age) emphasis, I was very excited at the opportunity of being a dot guru.’

Do you believe gTLDs will be good for businesses like yourselves?

‘I could have got a slightly cheaper domain, but the distinctive and original aspect of dot guru and its symmetry with what I do is certainly worth the extra money.’

‘It does create a bit of a buzz as folk can’t understand that that’s the site name; they keep wanting to write dot com after the guru! But I now have business cards to help underpin that.’

What do you think the benefits of this will be?

‘I am super happy to have an original and unusual domain and it is far more in sync with what I do than the generic dot coms. I wanted the domain to be short, sweet and memorable given the business name is only three letters.’

Another example of a small business purchasing a .guru domain is SEO Consultant. The business, owned by Andy Drinkwater, specialises in SEO consultancy and Andy purchased the .guru domain to create a shorter and and more specific ending to his business web address – something that he has already seen the benefit of.’

What benefits have you seen since purchasing the .guru domain name?

‘The domain is easy to remember and explains exactly what I do. Google has already picked the site up and ranking it, although this is only very new. It is also a talking point and people show a little more interest when you tell them the domain name.’

Do you believe gTLDs will be good for businesses like yourselves?

‘Absolutely! If a company or brand want a chance to stand out from the crowd, these new gTLD’s will allow them to do just that. They can really find something that will explain what they do without searching for hours only to find that someone else already has the .co.uk or .com.’

The launch of new domains are clearly giving businesses a new competitive edge and the freedom to choose a domain that fits perfectly with what they do. We believe that industry-specific domain names will help small businesses communicate to their potential customers exactly what they do and who they are.

These are of course just a few examples of how new gTLDs are helping business across the UK help define themselves better online. So what you are you waiting for? Search here to view our extensive list of new industry specific domain names and make your business stand out from the crowd.