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More and more of consumer time is spent online. And more and more of that is spent watching online video.

But there’s been a lag in the amount of TV ad money that has made the shift to online.

Google recently debuted findings at the IAB Digital Video Conference of some research which looked into what the barriers were slowing that shift, and how they were finally giving way.

The research used focused groups of individuals in both agency and client teams, and asked them questions about what they’d been up to in the last 12 months. The full findings are here, but here’s a brief overview.


Which types of Digital Video Advertising are being used?

Pre-roll: 57%
In-banner 46%
Expandable banner with video:34%
Rich media overlay: 34%

Which Types of Digital Video Advertising Will be Used in Next 12 Months?

These numbers all stick pretty much to the pattern above, with the exception of mobile video which 35% plan to use – huge growth.

What will happen to Digital ad spend?

It will Increase, and by a whopping 22%, due to the simple fact that online video offers increased reach, measurable ROI, and higher levels of engagement.

Where will the budget come from?

In short, it will come from the TV ad budget, as advertisers seek the benefits of online including tracking, targeting, efficiency, reduced production costs.

Favourite DVA format?

Undoubtedly it is a 15 second pre-roll on a CPM basis.

That’s (most of) it

Digital Video Advertising is experiencing fast growth as advertisers seek the increased ROI, reach, targeting, efficiency and engagement of the medium.

Nick Leech runs Digital Marketing Agency Euston Digital

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