Our amazing Cloud Servers have a number of great feature options that you can add to your package to give it the security, reliability or functionality you need.


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    Ensure your valuable data is safe in-case of corruption or hardware failure with daily backups and Snapshots. Could you risk losing your business critical data if the worst happens?
    Plesk is the leading management software that was designed to help you administer your server in a fast, simplified and efficient way from any internet browser.
    Add additional ISO images so you can install your own OS by mounting ISO images and secure them with any security software you like, even those which modify the kernel of your OS.

Cloud server backup and restore

It is very important to always have a recent backup of your valuable data. This way if the worst was to happen you can quickly restore your server and keep your business from going down.


Why should you backup?

It is very import that you are prepared for data loss. If the worst was to happen how would your business cope? What would you do if all the important data on your server was lost? Data loss is a real concern for all businesses and it could happen to the best of us. Whether it's down to human error or hardware malfunction, you may never recover from such a crippling blow to your business.

All our Cloud Servers have a daily cloud backup system that operates on a 10 day cycle. It takes a full backup (server snapshot) on day 1 then makes incremental backups for the next 9 days, and then repeats from day 1. This means you will always have a restore point. However the full backups only remain on our system for 10 days then are deleted.

But what if you discover an issue with your server and you need to restore it back further than 10 days? Well don't panic as all our solutions include one image backup that can be saved permanently so you can always have a common restore point from a period of longer than 10 days. You can also use instant server Snapshots for testing purposes too.

But what if you need additional permanent snapshots? Well then you can simply add-on additional server snapshots to your package. Then you can create as many permanent snapshots as you require and create multiple permanent restore points.


Administer your server from your Plesk cloud hosting control panel in a simple and efficient way from any internet browser. Available with both Microsoft and Linux Servers.

Service Provider Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Service Provider Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Simple server management from Plesk...

Simple user interface

Plesk's user interface makes managing your server simple with intuitive controls and layouts so everything is always in easy reach.

Monitoring on the go

Monitor your Plesk server on the go using your internet enabled device or smartphone and keep informed wherever you are.

Feature rich

Including many great features, Plesk makes website administration easy and takes the effort out of running a server.

Optional Additional Extras

Power Pack
The Power Pack is a collection of premium add-ons for Plesk that can be added to give more functionality and power.

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Add Antivirus protection from Kaspersky to your server and keep it safe from viruses and malware.

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Multiple website management 

Add 10, 100 or unlimited domain names using Plesk and host multiple websites using your cloud server.

SSL Certificates 

Install different SSL certificates on different websites.

Website stats 

Keep track of your websites with Plesk by displaying stats for each of your sites.

Email services 

Run your own dedicated SMTP mail server with POP3/IMAP access for retrieving mail from your choice of webmail clients (IMAP available on Linux only).

Parallels Panel Server Monitor 

Monitor your server stats on Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones using the Parallels app.

Restricted access 

Create and allow restricted access for multiple users.

File manager 

Manage your files with Plesk's web interface instead of needing direct access to your server.

One click installs 

Install all your favourite CMS application and much more through the APS catalogue in just one click.

One click installs


Create and manage your own MySQL databases using Plesk.

File sharing 

Share your files quickly and easily using Plesk's cloud hosting control panel.

Easy Backup 

Backup your Cloud Server through the simple to use Plesk interface and keep your data safe.

White label solution 

Resell domain names and hosting to your customers using Plesk's built-in white label solution.


Mount ISO images

Install your own OS by mounting ISO images which you can then secure with any security software you like, even those which modify the kernel of your server' operating system.


Why do I need additional ISO images?

All our Cloud servers allow you to mount one ISO image as a device through our customer control panel which can be used for running your own operating system, for installing updates or whatever you want to do.

But what if you want to use more than one ISO image in your control panel? Well don't worry you can always purchase our add-on which will allow you to get more ISO images (up to 5 GB per ISO image) available to you. So when one is not enough you can always get more.

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