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Our fantastic Dedicated Cloud Servers are feature-packed so you can enjoy all the reliability, security and functionality your business needs.


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    Could your business survive if the worst was to happen and you were to lose all your business critical data? Get daily snapshots to ensure your most valuable data is safe in case of hardware failure or corruption of data.
    Manage your server in a simple, quick and efficient way from any web browser with Plesk, the leading management software.
    Get additional ISO images and install your own server OS by mounting ISO images. You have complete freedom to secure them with any security software you want, even if these might modify the kernel of your server OS.

Dedicated Cloud Server backup and restore

Nothing is more valuable than your business data. That's why it's crucial to always have a recent copy of your data so you can quickly restore it in case of hardware failure or any other disaster. This ensures that your business will still be up and running if the worst was to happen.


Why should you backup?

It's crucial to be prepared in case of data loss. Would your business survive if the worst was to happen? What would happen if you were to lose all your critical data? It can happen to any business, small or large, whether it's due to hardware failure or human error. You can prevent such a disaster from ever happening by simply backing up your data which will protect your business and keep your important data secure.

When you get a Dedicated Cloud Server, you can rest assured as we will run a daily server snapshot of the entire OS image, free of charge, so you can always count on a server restore point. They are stored in our system for 10 days giving you time to recover your critical data.

But what if you need more than 10 days? Don't worry, we've got you covered. All our solutions come with one image backup that's stored permanently so you can always count on a server restore point in case you run into trouble and need more time.

But what if you want additional permanent snapshots? Easy! Just add additional server snapshots to your package to be safe. You'll then have the freedom to create as many permanent snapshots as you like and also create several permanent server restore points.


Managing your server from your Plesk control panel is easy and hassle-free and you can do it from any web browser. Available with both Linux and Microsoft.

Service Provider Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Service Provider Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Easy server management from Plesk...

User-friendly interface

Its user-friendly interface has all the controls and layouts within easy reach, making it so simple to administer your Plesk cloud server.

Monitoring on the go

Use any internet enabled device or smartphone when you're not at the office or travelling and keep close watch on your Plesk cloud server.

Feature rich

Managing your website with Plesk is effortlessly saving you loads of valuable time you could be spending on running your business.

Optional Extras

Power Pack
Get the premium server add-ons for Plesk included in our Power Pack and add more power and functionality.

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Protect your server against malware and viruses by adding Antivirus protection from Kaspersky.

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Manage multiple websites 

Use Plesk to add 5, 10, 100 or as many domains as you want and host multiple sites hassle-free.

SSL Certificates 

Install a different type of SSL certificate on each website.

Website stats 

See how your sites perform by having Plesk display stats for each of them.

Email solutions 

Retrieve mail from your favourite webmail client by running your own SMTP mail server with POP3/IMAP access. (IMAP is only available with Linux)

Parallels Panel Server Monitor 

Use the Parallels app on your Apple, Android or Blackberry smartphone to easily keep watch on your server stats.

Restricted access 

Limit access for multiple users.

File manager 

Manage and organise your files easily via Plesk's web interface. This way you won't need direct access to the server.

One click applications 

Quickly install your favourite CMS application and more via the APS catalogue.

One click installs


Create and administer your own MySQL databases via Plesk.

File sharing 

Use Plesk's dedicated cloud hosting control panel to share your files quickly.

Easy Backup 

Keep your data backed-up and safe via Plesk's easy-to-use interface.

White label solution 

Want to resell hosting and domains to your customers? You can easily do this through Plesk's built-in white label solution.


Mount ISO images

Install your own operating system by mounting ISO images and then secure it using your favourite security software even if it may modify the kernel of your server OS.


Why if I want additional ISO images?

With our Dedicated Cloud Servers, you can mount one ISO image via the 123-reg customer control panel. You can then use it for running your own OS and installing updates or anything else you need.

If you need to add several ISO image in your control panel, you can do that by purchasing our server add-on that lets you get more ISO images (with a maximum of 5 GB per ISO image) and start using them instantly.

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