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High performance and rock solid reliability for your business

123-reg has a very responsive support team and provides a very reliable service. I have had nothing but good experiences with 123-reg.

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The powerful dedicated hosting your business deserves

Built using the very latest technology and housed in our state-of-the-art data centre, our cost-effective Dedicated Servers give you the power, reliability and flexibility you need from your online presence. They put you in the driving seat giving you full root access with the freedom to tailor your hosting and create a unique platform that suits your business requirements.

Undertake hardware intensive tasks such as latency-critical web applications, communications, and data analysis. Even the most demanding applications can be handled by our dedicated packages with ease, and hosting multiple websites with high user volumes is no problem with our unlimited bandwidth and up to 1 Gbps internet connection.

With over 15 years in the industry we have the experience, knowledge and expertise required to efficiently manage your server hardware. Our secure data centre is monitored 24/7 by our team of on-site experts, it utilises fully redundant network connections with battery backups, generators and supplier grids in-place to ensure guaranteed power and network connectivity for your server.

With our built-in data redundancy, backed up by 24/7 phone support, you can have complete confidence in your hosting solution. Order now and your powerful new hardware could be ready in just 30 minutes.

Choose your ideal server

Core features
  • CPU (Intel Xeon)
  • Cores
  • Threads
  • RAM
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • RAID
  • RAID Type
  • Private Network
  • Monthly Pricing


From only £49.00£58.80 per month
  • E3-1225v3
  • 4
  • 4
  • 8 GB
  • 2x 1TB
  • -
  • 1
  • Software
  • -


From only £69.00£82.80 per month
  • E3-1230v2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 16 GB
  • 2x 1TB
  • -
  • 1
  • Software
  • Optional


From only £99.00£118.80 per month
  • E3-1230v2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 32 GB
  • 2x 2TB
  • -
  • 1
  • Software
  • Optional


From only £129.00£154.80 per month
  • E3-1230v2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 32 GB
  • -
  • 2x 256 GB
  • 1
  • Hardware
  • Optional


From only £159.00£190.80 per month
  • E5-2420
  • 12 (2x6)
  • 24
  • 32 GB
  • 2x 2TB
  • -
  • 1
  • Hardware
  • Optional


From only £209.00£250.80 per month
  • E5-2420
  • 12 (2x6)
  • 24
  • 64 GB
  • 4x 2TB
  • -
  • 10
  • Hardware
  • Optional
All Dedicated Server products have a one-off setup fee of £49.00£58.80.

Every 123-reg Dedicated Server comes with:

  • Plesk*

    £0 per month

  • cPanel* (Optional with CentOS 6)

    from £20.00£24.00 per month

  • Full Root Access

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 100 Mbps Data Pipe

  • Remote Server Reboot

  • One Free IP Address

  • Traffic Graphs

  • Dell & HP Hardware

  • Choose from a number of Linux Distros

  • Windows Server Web or Standard (Optional)

    from £10.00£12.00 per month

* Plesk and cPanel are not available with all OS options. This software will not be selected at the time of purchase - once the server has been set up you can choose your software upgrades and they will then be installed.

The features you need to empower your web presence

All our Dedicated Servers include all the features below that have been chosen to give your business the high-end performance you need to make the most of your internet presence and succeed online.

  • High performance

    Thanks to the latest hardware from Dell and Intel, coupled with network routers by Cisco, our servers deliver the power and performance you need. Undertake even the most demanding tasks with ease and create a better experience for your visitors.

  • Rock solid network

    Our state-of-the-art, EU data centre gives you up to 1Gbps internet connection and a rock solid network infrastructure with 100Gbit connectivity and all the bandwidth your business needs.

  • Full root access

    For maximum flexibility and to enable you to tailor your hosting environment we give you full root/administrator rights privileges. So you can completely personalise every aspect to better suit your needs.

  • Secure data centre

    Our data centre is double secured and complies with ISO 27001, to ensure that our servers are as safe and secure as possible with the best fire detection, suppression and disaster recovery systems.

  • Built-in redundancy

    All 123-reg Dedicated Servers utilise RAID technology to ensure your data is protected with built-in hard disk redundancy.

  • Flexible billing

    You can choose from monthly or yearly billing periods, to suit your needs and budget with no minimum contract.

  • Host multiple sites

    With our dedicated hosting solutions you can have multiple websites on a single server, saving you time and money.

  • Dedicated IP address

    Access your server independently from your domain names and set up SSL protection for your hosting.

  • IPMI rescue system

    The IPMI rescue system gives you serial access with command line controls and allows you to gain access to and fix your server should something go wrong.

  • Instant reboot and reimage

    You can reboot or reimage your machine at any point directly from your control panel. Meaning you can get straight to work without needing to wait.

  • Unlimited data transfer*

    No need to worry about high traffic sites using up all your traffic allowance as all data transfer is unlimited which means no excess traffic charges ever!

  • 24/7 hardware support

    We ensure that we have dedicated 24/7 onsite support for any hardware issues you may experience with your server. Giving you peace of mind as the internet never sleeps.

*In accordance with our Acceptable use policy

Our secure data centre and robust network

We are one of the largest server providers in Europe, our secure data centre and rock solid network are trusted by millions with our team of experts monitoring our connectivity every second of every day.

  • Manned 24/7 by our fully trained
    support team
  • Data Centre Star Audit with ISO27001 certification
  • Carbon Neutral - Approved Energy Efficient Data Centre
  • 550GB Network connectivity

Optional extras for your Dedicated Server

We offer a number of optional extras that can be added to give your business the additional functionality you require from your server solution.

  • Windows OS

    Dedicated hosting gives you the choice of many different Linux distributions but for an additional £10 you can select a Windows OS instead. This will allow you to use the Windows Server manager system and make use of .NET or MS SQL.

  • Private Network

    Connect multiple servers using your own private connection, enabling you to create a protected network infrastructure, all from your control panel. Select the connection you need:

    • L (10 Mbit/s)- £25.00 per network per month.
    • XL (100 Mbit/s)- £50.00 per network per month.
    • XXL (1000 Mbit/s) - £100.00 per network per month.
  • cPanel (Optional with CentOS 6)

    cPanel is an award winning, Linux based webhost management tool. It has a range of features which enable server administrators, resellers, and end user website owners, to easily manage their hosting environment.

  • 1GB bandwidth

    Get ten times the speed for your mission critical servers and ensure that your data transfers are as fast as possible, meaning you can deal with high traffic levels without any loss in speed of performance. Upgrade to 1Gbps for just an additional £25 per month.

Why choose 123-reg Dedicated Servers?

  • High performance servers utilising the latest technology from Dell and Intel
  • Rock solid network infrastructure with up to 1Gbps super-fast connection
  • Secure data centre that's fully ISO 27001 compliant
  • Full root access for maximum individuality and flexibility
  • Built-in server redundancy with the choice of hardware or software RAID
  • Save time and money by hosting multiple websites on the same machine
  • 24/7 onsite hardware support from our expert team
  • Flexible monthly or yearly billing with no minimum contract

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a solution that uses an entire physical server to give more power and functionality. Unlike standard web hosting the hardware is not shared with anyone else so you have the full resources of the server at your disposal and can run the most demanding of applications with ease. They are more flexible than shared hosting as you have full administrative access so you can install anything you need and can customise the software to meet your exact requirements.

What can you do with Dedicated Servers?

You can use them for hosting single or multiple domain names and email. They could be used as application, database, file, mail, name, web or any other type of servers that requires internet access. The raw power allows you to undertake even demanding applications and tasks with ease.

Do I need technical knowledge to use one?

Yes, it's recommended but technical knowledge of server administration is not required due to the intuitive easy-to-use interface. However, the management software provided, such as Plesk or cPanel simplifies the process of managing your dedicated server.

How do I contact 123-reg for help?

The first thing to do is to head on over to our support site.We've published loads of information about using dedicated hosting there, so if you've run into a common problem there should be a solution for you.

You can ask us for help through the support site too. Just use the Ask a Question option.

Can you help me move my servers across from another provider?

No. Sorry, but every provider is different, and that makes it hard for us to offer a transfer service. However, our Dedicated Server packages do use technology that is considered standard, so there's a very good chance your website or server configuration will be compatible.

What is the difference between a dedicated and a virtual server?

They both offer the freedom of server administration and allow you to customise your server to suit own needs. However, there is one main difference that affects the performance and cost of each.

With a VPS the hardware is shared between different packages, you have the features of a dedicated server but lack the performance. The cost of the hardware is shared amongst the users so Virtual Servers are much cheaper. Dedicated Servers only contain one user; all resources are allocated to just that user so performance is greatly increased and always gives superior performance over that of a VPS.

Do extras come pre-loaded on the Server?

No, once the hardware has been installed you can then select your OS, additional licenses and control panel from a list of available extras which will then be automatically installed to your server.

Can I buy it without a domain name?

Yes. Our Dedicated Servers do not require a domain to work as you can use their IP address instead. However, you can register or transfer a domain to your 123-reg account whenever you wish.

My domain name is held with another company. Can I point it at my Dedicated Server?

Yes, no problem. Learn how to point a domain to your dedicated server on our support site.

Is there a minimum contract period?

You can buy a Dedicated Server on either a monthly or annual basis. This gives you the freedom to control your own contract period.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you decide the package you've bought isn't right for you, give us a call within the first 7 working days. We'll refund what you paid - excluding the cost of registering any domain names you have, because domains can't be "unregistered" once you've chosen them.

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