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Your Domain Name is your business’ home on the web, the heart of your online identity. As a website address it’s the gateway for people to see what you have to offer. It tells people who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Every domain you register with 123 Reg comes with a free website and free email forwarding. You can manage it all from our easy-to-use control panel.

We’ve helped over a million people find the best domains they could. So what are you waiting for? Search for yours now!


Massive choice. The cheapest prices.

With over 400 affordable domain extensions to choose from, it’s easy to find a memorable name with a suffix that fits your business.

Generic domains

.com** £1.99 1yr
.me £2.99 1yr
.ltd £5.99 1yr
.org £15.99 1yr
.co £9.99 1yr

Geographic domains

.co.uk* 99p 1yr
.uk* 99p 1yr
.wales 99p 1yr
.london £9.99 1yr
.scot £34.99 1yr

Niche domains

.xyz 85p 1yr
.club £7.99 1yr
.agency £4.49 1yr
.media £10.99 1yr
.photography £19.99 1yr

All prices exclude VAT at 20% and renewal prices may vary.

*Offer only applies to the first year. Limited to 1 domain per customer and only for new customers. Normal price £9.99 (+20% VAT).
**Offer only applies to the first year. Limited to 1 domain per customer and only for new customers. Normal price £15.99 (+20% VAT)

All this free with every domain!

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Free email forwarding

Look professional, credible and unique with unlimited free email forwarding. All mail to anyone@yourdomain.co.uk can be sent to any other email address, so you look professional without needing another email service.

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Get a free website

Get your business on Google immediately with a free 1-page website. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates with drag-and-drop tools. Hosting included, no technical skills needed!

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Complete DNS management

New to Domain Names? We equip you with the tools you need for total control. You can use DNS and web forwarding to point your web address at any website or even your Facebook page; update your CNAME or A record and use MX records to control your email.

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Intuitive control panel

Run your domains and the rest of your products through our all-in-one control panel. It’s the quick and easy way to manage everything you need to keep your business online: keep your registrant details up-to-date, search your invoice history and manage your payments to ensure your website is always online.

4 easy steps to online success with domain names!

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Search for your name

Browse our huge range of domains and hit ‘buy’ when you’ve found your perfect web address!

create a website

Build your site – it’s easy!

Head to your control panel where you can start to build your FREE 1-page website, hosted by us.

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Publish in just one click

Hit ‘publish’ and there you have it – you’ve created a presence for your business online.

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Communicate professionally

Send and receive emails using your domain to show customers you run a professional business.

More than just a domain registration service

From keeping your personal details private, to grabbing domains the moment they become available, we have plenty of time-savers and upgrades.

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Premium Domains

Secure the web address you have always wanted.

  • Is your dream domain being sold by another user?
  • Secure your ideal domain that might otherwise be unavailable
  • Find it cheaper elsewhere? We’ll price match it for you
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Backorder Domains

Get your perfect Domain Name, even if it’s already owned.

  • No upfront fees
  • Pay only when your preferred name has been secured
  • We actively monitor your desired domain
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Bulk Ordering

Quickly and easily order your domains in bulk.

  • Check availability on multiple names at once
  • Instant Domain Name registration for every name you want
  • Easily transfer multiple domains from anywhere else you’ve registered

Find an awesome web address for your business

See how easily you could find an incredible extension fit for a global brand, just like Cauli Rice did using 123 Reg, the UK’s #1 domain provider.

Why buy domain names with 123 Reg?

  • We’ve got a huge selection of low-priced unique domain extensions to choose from – and there’s no hidden costs
  • We’re the UK’s largest domain provider and we’re here for you on the phone, live chat or 24/7 ticket support
  • Get online immediately with free email and website included when you register a domain
  • Over 3.5 million web addresses and over 1.7 million websites trust us with their business

Frequently asked questions

  • How do domain names work?

    Every site is hosted on an internet web server, or a “host”. Computers access these hosts using an IP – a string of numbers like – but that’s not very memorable for human beings.

    A Domain Name converts an IP address to a more memorable, text-based version so that people don’t need to punch in a huge string of numbers to find the websites they want. This is all done through the Domain Name System – more commonly known as DNS.

    Think of your domains like web addresses – the place people will find you online.

  • What is an extension?

    An extension is the ending of a Domain Name. Extensions are commonly referred to as a TLD (Top-Level Domain), suffix, or domain root.

    There are many types of TLDs such as ccTLDs, which are country code specific, like .uk for the UK, and gTLDs, which are new generic extensions such as .website.

    Some of the most popular TLDs include .com, .org, .net and .biz.

    Many businesses and brands register their name with multiple extensions to protect their online identity, increase visibility and attract more visitors to their website.

    Some of the most popular extension types are Geographic and International domains.

    Geographic domains are perfect for local businesses and organisations. They tell people in which city or region a shop, a restaurant or an agency is located. Extensions like .london, .vegas, .berlin and .tokyo are a great choice for attracting local customers.

    International domains are the ideal choice for brands looking to promote their local presence and connect with customers from a specific country. Depending on which market or country you wish to target, you can go with an established international domain like .de, .es, .it or with the new .uk or .global.

  • What are the new gTLDs?

    gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. It’s a category of extensions that are alternatives to the traditional .com, .co.uk and .de domain roots.

    Also called ‘new gTLDs’ or ‘nTLDs’, these are just a few of the hundreds of new names to search for that have been released recently for businesses and individuals to use.

    These gTLDs vary from practical extensions such as .web or .tech, to location-based ones such as .london or .wales, and even catchy extensions such as .ninja or .xyz. Find out more about gTLDs and check if yours is available now.

  • What are ccTLDs?

    Country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) correspond to a country, territory, or other geographic location.

    For example: .uk represents the United Kingdom, .de is for Germany, .mx for Mexico and .ch is used for Switzerland.

    The rules for registering ccTLDs vary significantly depending on the extension. Some ccTLDs such as .de have residency restrictions, meaning that registrants are required to be located in the country of the domain extension they want to use.

    However, many of the ccTLDs can be registered by anyone without any restrictions, including .uk, .ch, .es and several more.

  • What details do I need to register a domain name?

    In order to buy domain names, you’ll need to provide your name, address and a few other contact details. It’s crucial that the information you share is up-to-date and valid in case of a dispute or other situations where you need to show proof of ownership.

    We will also need your payment details so we can process your registration.

  • What extensions do you sell?

    We’ve got a huge selection!

    As the UK’s #1 domain name provider, every new extension that is released is also available to be bought on 123 Reg. From the traditional .com, .co.uk, .net, .org to the new .uk, .london, .ninja, .xyz, we have it all.

    Use our domain search to see which extensions are available for your desired name.

  • Are there any restrictions?

    Just a few.

    Some domains have registration restrictions, meaning they can only be used for a specific purpose or by specific organisations/companies in a specific country or region.

    For example, .archi can only be used by individual professional architects or architecture firms, while .eu can only be used by registrants who are located in a country in the European Union.

    Don’t worry – we make it obvious when restrictions apply. For every name you look up on 123 Reg, you will also find specific information regarding any domain registration restrictions that apply.

  • What characters can be used in a web address?

    Regardless of the extension, all domain names use the same character rules which must be followed when you search for yours:

    You can use letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and dashes/hyphens (-). Spaces are not allowed, and your domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Your web address cannot include special characters like “&” or “!”. However, there are exceptions with IDNs where you are allowed to include special characters from other languages in your domain names.

    Your web address cannot be less than three characters long, not including the extension, and names cannot be more than 63 characters so check yours is less than this.

  • Can I cancel a domain name?

    Certainly – you can cancel any time you choose.

    Simply log into your control panel, go to the Domain Names section, click Manage Auto Renewal and choose the name you wish to cancel/allow to expire.

    Click Confirm to confirm the name you have chosen, and you will also see the date they are due to expire.

  • How do I add hosting for my domains?

    If you’ve already registered a domain name with 123 Reg, you can associate it with your hosted website when you order your hosting package.

    If your name is hosted elsewhere, make sure you transfer it to 123 Reg first before buying your website hosting package.

  • Is it possible to use my domain name for emailing only (no live website)?

    If you want to use your domain name for a branded or personalised email address such as yourname@yourdomain.com, you will need a 123 Reg mailbox to enable you to send and receive emails.

    When you use the 123 Reg mailbox, you have three options to retrieve your email:

    123 Reg Webmail – This option allows you to access the emails sent to your new customised address, no matter where you are.

    Email Client – With this option, you can receive email to your PC or laptop through an email client of your choice such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora or Apple Mail.

    Mobile Device – You can easily set up 123 Reg mailboxes to your mobile device, giving you access to your email from anywhere with an internet connection.

    It is also possible to setup a personalised or branded email address that simply forwards email to an existing inbox you may already have elsewhere such as Gmail, Yahoo or similar. This way, you can continue using your existing email address and receive your emails through your branded domain name. To send from your personalised address you will need an email mailbox account.

  • How do I get a website up and running?

    After you’ve registered your domain and purchased your hosting package, you can set up your free one-page website as a placeholder until you are ready for a proper site launch.

    123 Reg offers a few great ways to get a website created, from our totally managed Make Me a Website service to our DIY Website Builder tool.

  • How do I transfer domain names to 123 Reg?

    It’s really easy to transfer any existing domains you might have over to us. The first thing you’ll need to do is contact your current provider and make sure they are OK with the domain name transfer. Once you get the thumbs up from them, you can head to your control panel and carry out the transfer straight from there.

    There are slightly different transfer procedures which depend on the type of extension you’re transferring and where you’re moving it from, but don’t worry, we have step-by-step guides for all of them. We also offer free transfers on selected domains.

    Find out more about moving your domain name to 123 Reg.

  • Where can I go if I have a question that is not answered above?

    We’ve created a huge support site, chock-full of information about everything from registering domains to hosting and building a website.

    The information there covers an enormous scope of common problems and questions, and it’s quite likely we’ve already solved your issue or offered a quick answer there.

    If you still can’t find an answer on the support site, we also offer telephone and 24/7 ticket-based support.

123 Reg’s domain services are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy and are provided under 123 Reg’s General Terms of Service and the domain product terms.

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