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The best place to register multiple domains

Whether you want to order multiple domains or transfer domains in bulk, 123 Reg makes it quick, easy and cost-effective.

All you have to do is log into our intuitive bulk domain tool and search for the domain names you want. The more you register, the easier they are to manage!

You can also do a bulk domain transfer straight from the tool in just a few minutes. If you have several domains you’d like to move over to 123 Reg, there’s no quicker or cheaper option!


How the 123 Reg Bulk Domain Tool Works

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Log in

To get started, log in to your 123 Reg Control Panel and select Bulk Registration/Transfer.

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Add your domains

Enter at least 3 domains, complete with their extensions, that you’d like to purchase or transfer and the tool will check their availability.

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The tool will display your search results and you can now choose to buy or transfer your chosen domains in one click.

What is bulk domain registration?

Registering domains in bulk is a much quicker and easier way of buying multiple domains with no hassle.

See for yourself with our handy Bulk Domain tool, which allows you to search for many domains at once, rather than checking them one by one, saving you time and effort.

It’s a good idea to buy different domains for your business website as this will protect your brand from competitors trying to register similar names to your own. Having multiple TLDs for the same extension will also give you the room to grow and expand your business internationally.

You may also want to register domains in bulk to give potential customers plenty of different ways to find you on the web.

Whatever your reasons, we make it quick, easy and cheap for you to buy or transfer domain names in bulk. Log in now to take advantage of our competitive prices and get started!


Free extras with every domain purchase

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FREE 1-page website

Start getting your business noticed online with a free 1-page website. Create a fully-functioning, responsive site in minutes using our huge range of professionally-designed templates and drag-and-drop tools.

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Email Forwarding

Streamline your customer communications with our unlimited free email forwarding. Direct mail sent to one address, to another of your choice, without having to switch devices or email services.

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Full DNS control

Managing multiple domain names is a piece of cake with our intuitive control panel. You’re in control of all aspects of domain name ownership, from choosing where to point them to updating MX records and more.

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