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123-parking is our domain parking service. It allows you to make money from your unused domain names. The best thing about our domain parking it that it's free to set up so there are no extra costs you need to pay.

How does it work?


When you sign up to domain name parking, you'll get a special page which will be displayed every time someone visits your domain name.

The domain parking page contains targeted adverts and sponsored search results. Every time visitors click one of these links you get paid a commission fee.

It's free to sign up at 123-parking, our dedicated domain name parking site.

Why park my domains?

  • Put unused domains to good use
    You're not using them, so why not make some money?
  • Create a new income stream
    If you own several domains the cash will soon mount up.

Our domain parking is flexible. . You can park domains for as long as you want and our domain parking service provides fantastic stopgap revenue for domains you're planning to sell or develop a website for.

How much can I earn?

Commission rates vary for different ads. How much you make really depends on how much traffic your domain(s) receive.

Even obscure domains get at least a few visitors - they'll earn you pocket money. Popular domain names can earn much more so get your domain name parking from 123-reg now and start earning money with your domains.

How do I get started?

Find out more and sign up at our 123-parking website to get started with the domain parking for your domains. What are you waiting for?

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Domain parking at a glance

  • Ads on your domains make you money.
  • We pay commission for every click.
  • Free set up, great commission.

Sign up on 123-parking - our dedicated domain parking site.

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